January 12, 2021

3 frozen dog treat recipes for summer

We are halfway through summer but there’s still plenty of hot days ahead. 

It’s important to remember that your dog doesn’t cope with heat the same way you do though. While you can take off layers and sweat it off, your dog is stuck in a fur coat and reliant on panting to help cool them down⁠.

It’s essential therefore that they always have access to a bowl of water and a shady spot to keep out of the heat, and you can also help them keep cool and hydrated with their food.

We’ve put together three tasty, chilled treats and meals below that will help keep your dog cool and hydrated on those hot summer days.

Ice Cube Rolls

Our new dog rolls are soft and spreadable, perfect for smooshing into ice cube trays.

Simply slice the dog roll into rough ice cube sized pieces to fit into your tray. Push down with your fingers to pack it into place, adding more pieces if needed.

Once frozen, empty the cubes into their bowl for an ice-cold meal or topper.

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Meaty Frozen Kong

Keep your four-legged friend occupied on a hot day with a frozen Kong filled with our Rehydrate food. It’s a cool protein-packed puzzle.

Grab a bag of Rehydrate and measure out approximately 1 cup of food (will vary with the size of Kong). Add half a cup of water and mix together to get a thick meaty consistency. Add more Rehydrate if you need to get it thicker or more water if you need it thinner.

Scoop the mix into the Kong or use your hands to pack it in. Once full put it in the freezer to set, then take it out and let the fun commence.

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Icy Pops

Get creative! Many of our treats and foods can be frozen in different shapes and sizes and combined with suitable fresh ingredients for extra flavour.

Our bully sticks and sausages make great handles, and you can refill our beef hoof with your choice of filling too. Yoghurt, blueberries, sardines and many more ingredients make great additions too. 

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3 frozen dog treat recipes for summer - Balanced Life