5 tips for a happy, healthy Christmas with your pet

Christmas can be the happiest of times for humans but for pets there’s actually a few more dangers than you might think. We’ve put together our five top tips to ensure you and your four legged friend have an all time Christmas this year

#1 be careful with Christmas foods

Most pets fare very well at Christmas picking up dropped scraps from sleepy grandparents and clumsy kids. However, lots of human foods are actually toxic to dogs and cats. Chocolate, macadamia nuts, nutmeg, grapes, onions, garlic and of course alcohol can all make your pet very sick. So stick to feeding them the best dog food there is!

#2 keep them away from the danger zone

Christmas comes with plenty of amazing gifts but also plenty of dangers for pets. From chewed wires on fairy lights to tempting tinsel that can cause digestive issues. There’s also plenty of festive plants that are toxic to pets including fir trees and holly.

So keep an eye on your four legged friends if they get too close to these things.

#3 treat them right

If your dog or cat has been a good pet all year then they deserve a treat! While there are some amazing gifts out there, there’s only one present they’re guaranteed to love – an amazing treat. Check out our healthy, meaty, air dried raw Balanced Life Companion Treats here.

Credit: sydney.com.au

#4 staying calm in the fireworks

New Years Eve means spectacular fireworks which is great for people but scary for most pets, as are the summer thunderstorms. Making a calm hideout for your pet, using calming herbs like chamomile as a supplement in food or even buying a thunder jacket can all help make it a more bearable. One great trick is to slowly densensitise them to thunder and fireworks by playing a recording of the sound then giving a treat at the same time.

#5 keep them cool in summer

It gets pretty hot out there over Christmas and pets generally do not deal well with heat. Check out our five tips on keeping your pets cool and healthy in summer.

Balanced Life is an Australian-made range of air dried raw food and treats for dogs and cats. We want to give pets the healthiest nutrition possible for a happy, healthy life.

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