5 tips for a healthy summer with your dog

The days are getting longer, the cricket’s on the box and the sweet smell of bbq is wafting through the parks. That’s right, summer is here! Balanced Life is a very easy way to feed your dog meaning you can spend more time having fun with your pooch this summer. With a little help from our fans, we’ve put together our top  tips for a happy, healthy summer.

#1 hit the beach

By far the most popular tip from our Balanced Life fans was to hit the beach! Dogs can cool off in the surf while having fun and getting some great exercise.

#2 frozen treats

The second most popular tip was to provide your pooch with some frozen treats. You can make your own recipes for ice cubes like Karl’s chicken stock and broccolini suggestion or even freeze Balanced Life for a cool summer treat.

#3 don’t leave them in the car

Cars heat up very, very quickly as this sweaty vet can testifyand dogs left in cars can die from severe heat exhaustion in a mere 6 minutes. You can take the pledge with RSPCA to never leave your dog unattended in a vehicle here.

#2 watch their weight

Sometimes its just too hot to rustle up much of an appetite. While the occasional skipped meal is fine (particularly if they’ve built up a bit of extra baggage over winter), its important dogs don’t become underweight. You can perform a simple check on your dog’s weight by looking at your dog’s body shape from above and the side using the Body Condition Score. If they’re underweight increase their portions or try feeding at a cooler time of day.

#5 look out for parasites

Ticks and fleas are common parasites in spring and summer months so its important to check for them and treat if found.Since parasites always tend to attack and populate the weakest and sickest animals, the first line of defence is to keep your pet in the very best health with a healthy, balanced diet like Balanced Life.

Balanced Life is an Australian-made range of air dried raw food and treats for dogs and cats. We want to give pets the healthiest nutrition possible for a happy, healthy life.

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