April 8, 2020

Can I take my dog for walk during COVID-19 restrictions?

Yes, you can; and yes, you should.

In abnormal times it is important to retain a level normal wherever we can. Exercise is essential for our wellbeing both physically and mentally and the same applies for our best friends. The difference now is we must keep our distance when on the trail.  Keeping distance and being aware of our fellow dog walkers and members of our community is not a big ask, we can do it successfully, maintain our responsibilities to ourselves and others and keep our pets physically and mentally stimulated.  It just takes a little adjustment and a few minor changes in how we go about it.

Keep your dog on the leash. 
This seems a little unfair, especially when our dogs love to run, chase a ball and sniff their environment however in these times its best to keep them close to you.  The last thing you want is your friendly and inquisitive furry friend invading another dog walkers’ space and you having to possibly bend the social distancing rules to retrieve your pet.  It is a small thing but if we all do the right thing then we keep everybody safe.

Think about changing your regular walk time. 
Earlier in the morning and later in the evening when less people are out can be an advantage.  You also get to see your suburb or town in different light conditions which is often an interesting discovery.

Most dog people are friendly, sociable folk, who love to stop and have a chat when out with their dogs.  We must remember now that this interaction is not a good idea.  Wave and say hi from a distance; we all know the rules, and nobody should feel offended by this new way of greeting.  Again, keeping our dogs on the lead is important as our dogs love to say hi to other dogs when out for a stroll.

If you can take a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you. 
If you can’t an extra poop bag is advised.  When cleaning up after your dog, use the extra bag to protect your hand when using the park bins and when you have the sanitiser with you give your hands a good wipe as a double measure.

Try a different route.
Change to your normal walking direction is often rewarding.  New smells for your friend, new sights and sounds for you.  You many discover areas of your suburb or town that you haven’t noticed before. “Changing Lanes” brings new stimuli and during these times some positive new ideas and interests can only be a good thing.

It is a blessing that we have our dogs and can still enjoy our time with them outside.
When we all continue to do the right thing, by keeping our distance, washing our hands and listening to our medical professionals we can all help in beating this disease, saving lives and restoring our social lives.

Always wash your hands.
When you return from your walk, remember to wash your hand for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. 

balanced LiFE wish all our customers and trade partners the very best for Easter and urge you all to stay safe and keep your distance.

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Can I take my dog for walk during COVID-19 restrictions? - Balanced Life