Companion Treats


 Spoil your best friend with one of our meaty delicacies knowing your giving your pet the very best.
Containing gently air dried raw Australian meat proteins, Companion Treats are packed full of flavour, loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements for maximum nutrition.
Zero Fillers, Zero Grain & Zero Gluten.

Our Companion Treats Recipes

Naturally Nutritious Treats

Our Companion Treats are made from quality Australian meats and boosted with vitamin-rich liver and alfalfa, all gently air dried to preserve the natural, nutritional value of our raw ingredients.

  • 100% air dried raw for maximum nutrition

    Gentle air drying creates a sanctuary, binding the natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements brimming in raw Australian proteins such as meat and fish. Old heavy cooking methods used in most dog foods; deconstruct the protein material damaging the sensitive nutrients such as omega oils and vitamins B6 & E. Our world leading technology combined with our wild to plate sustainable agriculture commitment ensures our protein products are at their optimum every time we pack a bag of Balanced Life.

  • Single animal proteins to help dogs with allergies

    Many pets today suffer from irritated skin and stomachs, which are often caused by allergy issues arising from cooked low grade meat and fillers in traditional pet food and treats.

    Balanced Life Companion Treats are formulated with high quality, single meat proteins in each variety, ensuring your dog receives the best proteins for their body. Our kangaroo and salmon recipes are regarded as low allergenic protein sources that can help support long-term allergy problems.

  • Quality nutritious ingredients

    Essential proteins
    for body and coat

    Rich in vitamins A,
    B12 and iron

    Supports healthy

  • Ethical and sustainable

    Sustainable agriculture is in our blood, we craft every batch of Balanced Life Companion Treats for the good of pets, people and the planet, using healthy, raw ingredients that are grain-free, non-GMO, hormone-free and packed with superfoods from farmers our family trusts. Our air drying kitchen is powered by the largest thermal solar cell in the southern hemisphere, reducing our carbon footprint.

Got a little too excited about trying the new Balanced Life treats range!


I walk dogs so always have treats but every dog has gone bananas for your treats!


They devoured a few instantly. And I know they are good when growling is involved.


Thank you for this delicious Roo jerky ???? We love it so much!


Guess who likes kangaroo liver?


My fussy little boys loved your treats so much. Definitely their favourite. Thank you so much

Prince & Noah

3 ways to feed

Reward your good boy or girl with a natural, healthy treat

Tear them into smaller pieces for training treats

Share the love, Companion Treats make great gifts

Our Promise

We promise to make every bag of Balanced Life with love and care harnessing goodness from the land of natural wonders and wide-open spaces. We respect the nutritional power of a raw and wild diet that is gentle, natural, and sustainable.

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Balanced Life Companion Treats for Dogs - Air Dried Raw & Australian