Our new super premium kibble is called Enhanced and for good reason.  Premium kibble; enriched with raw meat protein pieces; gently air-dried in an Australian first recipe. It’s our culture to innovate and it’s no surprise that our dedicated team of nutritionists have created the most enhanced pet cuisine on the market.

Available in 2.5kg & 9kg options.
Suitable for all breeds at all life stages.
Your dog will simply love it!

Our Enhanced recipes

Maximum Nutrition

Gentle air drying preserves the natural, nutritional value of raw meat. Our new Enhanced food is the only super premium grain-free kibble in Australia to include gently air dried raw meat pieces. Enhance your dog’s meal with a kibble that’s closer to nature and cares for their body.

  • Air Dried Raw Meat Pieces

    Enhanced is the first kibble in Australia to contain real air dried raw meat pieces. Gentle air drying creates a sanctuary, binding the natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements brimming in raw Australian proteins such as meat and fish. Old heavy cooking methods used in most dog foods; deconstruct the protein material damaging the sensitive nutrients such as omega oils and vitamins B6 & E. Our world leading technology combined with our wild to plate sustainable agriculture commitment ensures our protein products are at their optimum every time we pack a bag of Balanced Life.


    Dogs demand a high protein diet to provide the essential amino acids critical to their health and wellbeing. Balanced Life Enhanced is lovingly crafted including over 55% of animal-based ingredients ensuring you’re giving your pet the meatiest and most nourishing dry food available. High in protein and high in flavour your dog will love the taste and you’ll love the results.

  • FULL OF OMEGA 3 & 6

    Raw Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential for good health. The correct balance is critical to ensure your dog’s immune system can defend itself. These acids can be destroyed in the cooking process, which is why the air dried raw ingredients in Balanced Life Enhanced including salmon oil can help your dog to thrive.


    Amino acids support tissue repair

    Excellent source of antioxidants

    Rich in powerful
    fatty acids


    Supports healthy

    Rich in dietary

    High in

    Promotes fresh

  • Ethical and sustainable

    As one of Australia’s first farming families, we’re committed to sustainable agriculture, developing state of the art solar technologies, using only clean and green ingredients and lovingly crafting our cuisines in our world leading air-drying kitchens.  When you want the best for your pet choose Balanced Life.

Best Food Ever!!!!!


This is the only dry food my fussy Cavoodle will eat!

Cheryl & Bailey

My girls love it!


Very impressed and our pup just loves it.


I bought some to try my three spoilt poodles on, must say they love it.

Amber & Shadow


I’m so happy to have found an Australian food with good ingredients in it.


3 ways to feed

Feed alone as a complete and balanced diet

Mix it up by alternating with another balanced meal or even mixing together

Grab a handful to use as a treat or reward

Our Promise

We promise to make every bag of Balanced Life with love and care harnessing goodness from the land of natural wonders and wide-open spaces. We respect the nutritional power of a raw and wild diet that is gentle, natural, and sustainable.

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Balanced Life Enhanced - Australia's first kibble with air dried meat pieces