Air Dried Raw Meat Pieces Maximise Nutrition

Gentle air drying preserves the natural, nutritional value of raw meat. Our new Enhanced food for puppies and adult dogs is an Australian first – the only super premium grain-free kibble to include gently air dried raw meat pieces. Enhance your dog’s meal with a kibble that’s closer to nature and cares for their body.

Three Protein-Packed Recipes

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2.5kg & 9kg


2.5kg & 9kg


2.5kg & 9kg

Air Dried Raw Meat Pieces

Enhanced is the first kibble in Australia to contain real meat pieces – gently air dried to lock in their nutrients. Heavy cooking and processing in normal dog foods can harm some of the more sensitive nutrients in food like omega oils and vitamins B6 and E.

Our gentle air drying process helps keep our ingredients in their natural state and keeps their nutritional value locked in, even the sensitive nutrients. All of which means your dog gets a natural, healthier, more nutritious meal.

High In Animal Protein

Dogs thrive on a high meat diet. Proteins in the meat provide essential amino acids which help build and maintain nearly every cell your dog has – from the skin on their shiny noses to the hair in their wagging tails and everything in between.

Our Enhanced food is proudly made from over 55% animal-based ingredients, making it one of the meatiest kibbles there is. Not only will their taste buds love it, so will the millions of cells in their body, helping create healthier, happier dogs with waggier tails.

Grain Free

We have removed all grains from our ingredients to make sure as many dogs as possible can enjoy Balanced Life Enhanced including those with sensitive stomach, irritable bowel, diabetes, urinary tract issues and struvite crystals.

Superfood Ingredients

As well as high meat content we’ve boosted our Enhanced food with superfoods – fruits, vegetables and seeds that are bursting with nutritional value

We’ve selected ingredients which support your dog’s holistic health from protecting skin and hair to fueling friendly gut bacteria and even helping mental health.

Lovingly Crafted

Air drying allows the raw, pure and natural state of our quality ingredients to shine. We power our air drying kitchen with the largest thermal solar cell in the southern hemisphere, to naturally preserve the raw nutritional value for your dog AND support the environment.

Doing Good

Sustainable agriculture is in our blood, we craft every batch of Balanced Life for the good of pets, people and the planet, using healthy, raw ingredients that are grain-free, non-GMO, hormone-free and packed with superfoods from farmers our family trusts.

Try Enhanced Now

Balanced Life Enhanced is brand new and rolling out in pet stores across Australia. Click on one of the logos below to shop online or find your nearest store by searching the map. If your favourite store isn’t featured ask them when they will be ranging it.

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