premium Australian goodness

We’ve travelled the length and breadth of Australia to source the very best natural ingredients. From Tasmanian salmon to Queensland coconuts each ingredient has been carefully picked to give healthy dogs and cats everything they need. There’s no fillers, no grains or gluten and no artificial flavourings or preservatives – just natural, mouth watering, air dried raw goodness.

a delicious, meaty mouthful

Dogs and cats thrive on a high meat diet and in the wild that includes the whole prey. While muscle meat provides amino acids and  protein for energy, organs are a rich source of vitamins, bone provides calcium and colostrum and oils and fats provide Essential Fatty Acids.

We’re proud that 80% of the ingredients in Balanced Life food are made up of muscle meat, organ, bone, fats and oils.


• very low fat • high in protein • rich in iron and zinc • high in B vitamins especially B12 • high in Omega 3 & CFA Omega 6 • truly free range • great hypoallergenic protein


• rich in powerful Omega 3s • high in vitamins B12, B3 and D • rich in selenium & phosphorous • great hypoallergenic protein


• rich in selenium and zinc • high in B12 & B3 vitamins • high in Omega 3 & CFA Omega 6


• high in protein • high in B3 & B6 vitamins • rich in phosphorous & selenium

plenty of superfoods and no nasty fillers

Four key superfoods – alfalfa, coconut, kelp and cranberries – help give Balanced Life the nutrition other pet foods can’t provide. And it doesn’t stop there – flax seed, green peas, carrot, green and red lentils, chicory, parsley, beetroot, barley grass, fish oil and more all help ensure Balanced Life is packed full of goodies.

The only thing that’s missing is the cheap fillers and artificial flavourings you’ll commonly find in other pet foods.


• high in antioxidants • rich in calcium and magnesium • cleanses kidneys • includes vitamins A, B12, C, D, E & K • supports healthy digestion • anti inflammatory properties


• rich in powerful fatty acids • improves digestion • reduces hunger • source of roughage and fibre • skin and coat health • antibacterial & antifungal qualities


• amino acids support tissue repair • promotes energy and vitality • iodine supports thyroid • cleanses digestive system • activates metabolism • high in iron to support blood flow • promotes weight control • strengthens immune system


• rich in vitamin c • combats bad bacteria in gut • fights plaque on teeth • fibre to support digestion • excellent source of antioxidants • natural treatment for UTIs

grain and gluten free to stop allergies

Dogs or cats with a history or suspicion of grain or gluten intolerance can comfortably be fed Balanced Life. Skin allergies, sensitive stomach, irritable bowel, diabetes, urinary tract issues and struvite crystals are just some of the health problems that are supported by a low carbohydrate, high meat protein, grain and gluten free diet. Remember to seek veterinary advice if you suspect any of these problems.

omega 3 and 6 are critical for great health

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential for good health and the correct balance of both is critical to ensure the immune system can defend against basic allergens, particularly skin irritations. These essential fatty acids occur naturally in meat, fruit and vegetables; however they are easily destroyed by cooking, so feed gently air dried raw Balanced Life ensures the correct levels are maintained and cell function is optimised.

benefits of bones and organs

If you’ve ever left a roast chook on the kitchen bench only to find it devoured by your dog, you’ll realise they don’t leave much behind. And there’s good reason for this – they get a bounty of nutrients from eating nose to tail.

That’s why we’ve included a ground bone and organ meat in our food. Bone is a vital source of calcium, phosphorus and collagen while organ meat is rich in vitamins and nutrients like iron, selenium and zinc. In fact liver meat is pound-for-pound the most nutritious natural food source for dogs.