whole food for healthy dogs

Over many years we’ve seen how tastes in human food have moved from heavily processed food to quality, healthy, natural ingredients. As dog lovers we want to see the same thing happen with pet food. Balanced Life is the result of years of hard work to deliver a convenient food packed full of the best healthy, natural Australian ingredients.

proudly Australian made

We believe Australia has some of the best ingredients and chefs in the world which is why we wouldn’t make Balanced Life anywhere else.

Our food and treats are air dried in our kitchen in Howlong, regional New South Wales, a stone’s throw from the mighty Murray River and a mere bike ride from the foodie’s playground of Rutherglen.

Trucks drive up to our gate daily from all over Australia, bringing us everything from fresh Tasmanian salmon to lush alfalfa. 

family owned

Balanced Life is made by the Staughton family. Australian agriculture has run in our blood for generations and we’re proud to remain family owned and independent. Simon Staughton and his son Edward oversee most of the day to day action but everyone knows the real boss is Howard, the family Weimeraner.

supported by vets

We wanted to ensure our food is as healthy as possible for as many dogs and cats as possible, which is why we enlisted vets to help create it.

The result is a dog food that is bursting with goodness, works for any life stage and is endorsed by vets across Australia – not many foods can say that.

sustainably powered

As well as great produce, Australia has one more big bonus when it comes to creating natural, air dried food: its pretty sunny.

We’ve built the largest solar thermal roof in the southern hemisphere to power our air dried kitchen. Its a process that’s gentle, natural and sustainable.