Just Add Water

Our flagship food for pets, Balanced Life Rehydrate is created for the fussiest dogs and the fussiest owners. Composed of 100% air dried raw ingredients including 80% single species raw meat protein and boosted with 20% fruits, vegetables and minerals perfectly balanced for ultimate nourishment and maximum flavour.

Just add water for a healthy, delicious meal.
We lovingly craft each batch as if you’d made it yourself!

200gram Topper Packs.
1Kg & 3.5Kg Dry Satchel Packs.

Our Rehydrate Recipes

Packed With Nutrition

Because Balanced Life Rehydrate is 100% air dried it’s compact – every 1kg bag is made from 4kg of fresh raw ingredients, making it easy to carry, store and feed. Just add water for a supremely healthy, delicious meal.

  • 100% air dried raw for maximum nutrition

    Gentle air drying creates a sanctuary, binding the natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements brimming in raw Australian proteins such as meat and fish. Old heavy cooking methods used in most dog foods; deconstruct the protein material damaging the sensitive nutrients such as omega oils and vitamins B6 & E. Our world leading technology combined with our wild to plate sustainable agriculture commitment ensures our protein products are at their optimum every time we pack a bag of Balanced Life.

  • Adding water helps digestion

    Dogs and cats in the wild are used to eating moist raw meat. The moisture helps maintain strong gut acidity which kills nasty pathogens, and promotes probiotic growth in the bowels which helps absorb nutrients and boost the immune system.

    Adding water to Balanced Life turns it into a moist, meaty casserole which helps make a healthy gut and immune system.

  • 80% single animal proteins to build healthy bodies

    Dogs demand a high protein diet to provide the essential amino acids critical to their health and wellbeing. Fats provide highly digestible energy, while organs and bones provide additional protein, vitamins and nutrients. Balanced Life Rehydrate is made from 80% animal-based ingredients ensuring you’re giving your pet one of the protein-rich diets there is.  High in meat and high in flavour your dog will love the taste and you’ll love the results.

    All our Rehydrate recipes are crafted with single-animal proteins, making them suitable for dogs with allergies.

  • Boosted with superfoods

    Supports healthy

    Excellent source of antioxidants

    Amino acids support tissue repair

    Rich in powerful
    fatty acids

  • Raw feeding made easy

    Air dried raw food makes raw feeding easier.

    It’s small, so only takes a tiny space in the cupboard.
    It’s light, so no more lugging it around the kitchen or car park.
    It’s quick and easy to prepare with no mess.
    It’s simple, containing everything a healthy puppy or adult dog needs.

  • Ethical and sustainable

    As one of Australia’s first farming families, we’re committed to sustainable agriculture, developing state of the art solar technologies, using only clean and green ingredients and lovingly crafting our cuisines in our world leading air-drying kitchens.  When you want the best for your pet choose Balanced Life.

Could it get any better? Nope, not really

Pet Food Reviews Australia

Its a fabulous product.? Its easy to make, no mess and less waste.


Kira absolutely loves your food. Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful food ❤️??


Thanks for creating such an amazing nutritional food.


This is my newly fav! Thank you @balancedlifeaus


I’ve never seen her this excited for her food ever!! It’s gone so quick!


3 ways to feed

Serve alone as a supremely healthy, everyday diet

Serve as breakfast for a healthy start to the day with another balanced food in the evening.

Add it on top of another balanced food for a healthy air dried raw boost

Our Promise

We promise to make every bag of Balanced Life with love and care harnessing goodness from the land of natural wonders and wide-open spaces. We respect the nutritional power of a raw and wild diet that is gentle, natural, and sustainable.

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Balanced Life Rehydrate - 100% Air Dried Raw Food for Dogs