what is air dried raw?

air dried for maximum nutrition

There’s a huge range of healthy vitamins, minerals and enzymes in raw food from joint-boosting chondroitin sulphate in bones to a bounty of B vitamins in liver. Cooking and processing in some pet foods and treats destroys some of this nutritional value, particularly fragile nutrients like antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids.

Air drying fresh ingredients on the other hand minimises processing and delivers maximum nutrition.

just add water to aid digestion

Dogs and cats in the wild are used to eating moist raw meat. The moisture helps maintain strong gut acidity which kills nasty pathogens, and promotes probiotic growth in the bowels which helps absorb nutrients and boost the immune system.

Adding water to Balanced Life turns it into a moist, meaty casserole which helps make a healthy gut and immune system.

for better health

Balanced Life is built on the principles of Biologically Available Raw Food (BARF) – it mimics the diet dogs and cats have thrived on in the wild for millions of years.

Air drying locks in maximum nutrition which makes for happier, healthier dogs and cats. Stronger immune systems, healthier organs and bones and softer and shinier coats are just the beginning.

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easy like Sunday morning

Air dried raw food makes life easier.

It’s small, so only takes a tiny space in the cupboard.
It’s light, so no more lugging it around the kitchen or car park.
It’s quick and easy to prepare with no mess.
It’s simple, containing everything a healthy puppy or adult dog needs.