why air dried or dehydrated raw dog food?

Air dried raw food is very different to the canned and kibble food most dog owners feed. It takes things back to basics – replicating the natural, delicious raw diet dogs thrive on in the wild, while making it easy to use and store – just add water, stir and serve. Read on to find out what makes it so nutritious, the benefits it provides to your dog and why it’s so easy to use…

what is air dried or dehydrated dog food?

In the wild, dogs prey on animals and consume everything from nose to tail – meat, bones, organs and even gut content, which contains vegetables and fruits. We take all those elements and gently air dry them to make a semi-moist air dried raw crumble. All you need to do is add water and stir to make a complete, mouth-watering, nutritious and healthy meal for your dog.

evolved on raw diets

Dogs have evolved and thrived on a natural, raw diet for millions of years for two main reasons:

It’s nutritious – there’s a huge range of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients in a whole prey diet. From joint-boosting chondroitin sulphate in bones to a bounty of B vitamins in liver…… each element is important. Cooking and processing destroys some of this nutritional value, particularly for fragile nutrients like antioxidants and Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids, which is why minimal interference delivers maximum nutrition.​

It’s easily digestible – dogs’ digestive systems have evolved to get the most from moist, natural, raw foods. There’s a whole microbiome of gut flora that’s evolved to synthesise vitamins, metabolise acids, ferment fibre and kill pathogens on a raw food diet. Moisture in pet food is natural critical part of the digestion process and ensures gut health and immunity, can be at their best. Artificial ingredients, heavy processing and cooking provides an unnatural diet that has been shown to stress normal bodily functions and unnecessarily challenges the digestion system.

what does healthy food mean for your dog?

A healthy dog starts with a healthy diet. Eating a balanced, healthy raw diet supports the following benefits:

it's easy like Sunday morning

Air dried food makes raw feeding very easy. Here’s how:

It’s simple – we’ve put in many years ensuring our recipes mimic a natural diet in the wild and contain the natural balance of nutrients dogs need to thrive. It complete and balanced and it’s great for any breed or age of dog from puppies to elders.

It keeps for a long time – the air drying process preserves the raw ingredients without adding artificial preservatives, meaning your dog gets the benefits or air dried raw and you don’t have to handle messy raw meats from the fridge or freezer. It also keeps for up to 12 months after opening.

It’s small – air drying draws out the moisture in the food which makes it easier to store and carry. Every 1kg of Balanced Life is made from 4kg of fresh ingredients, so no more lugging huge bags of food from cupboards and cars.

It’s easy to prepare – just add water, stir and serve. It’s that simple.

the more air dried the better

Many dog lovers feed kibble only, or a combination of kibble with canned food or something else, but really, feeding a fully raw diet with the occasional meaty bone is Mother Nature’s perfect diet. For optimum benefit feeding all raw is best, but feeding some air dried raw with kibble or instead of canned food, is ok, but remember, the more air dried raw food the better.

Balanced Life is an Australian-made range of air dried raw food and treats for dogs and cats. We want to give pets the healthiest nutrition possible for a happy, healthy life.

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